Equipment, systems and production plants have to implement the necessary safety level. In Europe a consistent safety level for explosion protection was established by the harmonisation of European standards and legislatives. Implementation of and compliance with the new directives (RL 94/9/EG and RL 1999/92/EG), standards and technical rules in the individual companies require permanent training and intensive exchanges of experiencess.


The MOBILE academy team of experienced specialists offers a wide range of trainings in the field of explosion protection. Of course these trainings can be customized to your individual training demands.


We are experts for international standards and regulations, keeping up to date permanently on new trends in this special field of science. Further on we are members in national and international standardization committees and participate actively in the creation of these standards.


We show our expertise in many countries. We can guide you in fulfilling the legal requirements for your company easier and more effectively, be it during development, certification, maintenance, service, or production.


Experts from the chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical industry. Experts of companies that handle inflammable dust. Executives and employees that are interested in this subject, as well as maintenance and safety personnel.